IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective May 31, 2024, this KCE is no longer an active participant in the Medicare Kidney Care Choices Model. For any questions, please reach out to

About KCE

Pennsylvania CRAL KCE LLC is a Kidney Care Entity participating in the Comprehensive Kidney Care Contracting (CKCC) Model with Medicare. A KCE, through its participating Nephrologists, provides care to late stage chronic kidney disease (CKD Stage 4 and 5) and dialysis patients. The goal of the KCE is to improve the quality of care provided that meets the individual needs and preferences of patients.

Pennsylvania CRAL KCE LLC

850 West Rio Salado Parkway,TEMPE, AZ, 85281

KCE Participants:

Clinical Renal Associates, Ltd – Nephrology Practice, KCE Participant
Clinical Renal Associates, Ltd Nephrology Practice
Herman Michael KCE Participant
Stefan Tachev KCE Participant
Aliyah Jones KCE Participant
Roy Marcus KCE Participant
Manjula Naik KCE Participant
Glenn Ladinsky KCE Participant
Ambereen Jan KCE Participant
Laura Panarey KCE Participant
Heather Mascio KCE Participant
July Jacob KCE Participant
Fazle Noor KCE Participant
Steven Han KCE Participant
Kevin Wansor KCE Participant
Ashley Bennett KCE Participant
Sat Arora KCE Participant
Marc Kim KCE Participant
Jay Hubsher KCE Participant
Chike Okechukwu KCE Participant
Amit Deshpande KCE Participant
Michael Lattanzio KCE Participant
Jennifer Patel KCE Participant
Efua Asamoah-Odei KCE Participant
Larry Krevolin KCE Participant
Marie Blanch Lim KCE Participant
Steven Dimitriou KCE Participant
Kimon Kostopoulos KCE Participant
Gary Sirken KCE Participant
Thomas Guagliardo KCE Participant
Anna Majkut KCE Participant
Deborah Donnelly KCE Participant
Pradeep Dhakarwal KCE Participant
Pavitra Thiruveethy KCE Participant
Meghan Wesolowski KCE Participant
Kevin Sperling Transplant Provider
University Renal and Hypertension Consultants Nephrology Practice
Sonia Simoes KCE Participant
Meghan Lacovara KCE Participant
KCE’s Governing Body Name of Employer
Roy Marcus, MD Clinical Renal Associates, LTD.
Ambereen Jan, MD Clinical Renal Associates, LTD.
Murray Sirken, Beneficiary Representative --
Kevin Sperling, Transplant Provider Clinical Renal Associates, LTD.
Steven Dimitriou Clinical Renal Associates, LTD.
Leadership Team Name of Employer
Executive: Lauren Ellenburg Panoramic Health
Clincial Leader: Roy Marcus, MD Clinical Renal Associates, LTD.
Compliance Officer: Kimberly Shreve Panoramic Health
Results Category Program Year Program Results
Shared Savings or Losses Information will be available upon completion of PY1
Proportion of Shared Savings invested in infrastructure, redesigned care process, and other resources to improve outcomes and reduce costs
Proportion of Shared Savings distributed to KCE Participants and Preferred Providers
Quality Measure Performance
Results will be updated upon receiving them from CMS
Preferred Providers
Joint Ventures Between or Among the KCE, KCE Participants, and Preferred Providers